Fiverr scam and what you should do if you are a seller!

Oh! Today , I am going to discuss about fiverr scam . Do you think Fiverr is a scam site. Well, We all know fiverr is now a great marketplace for microjob. If you want to make money online, Then fiverr also best choice  but nowadays, fiverr became marketplace only for buyer, Fiverr authority banning seller level 2 account in many case like rejected Gigs for violations of their editorial guidelines or Terms of Service. But there is a problem, fiverr don’t refer which type gig we should offer . Here is small hint from fiverr customer care…

Most of those Gig themes social marketing, keyword research, etc are fine, but we simply do not allow Gigs that seem to offer a guaranteed positive review for a fee rather than an authentic review. We have also had specific complaints from third parties and have to remove such Gigs as we find them.

This answer about review writing gig, fiverr close my friends level 2 account after completing 200 order. The gig was review writing gig.

This type of case some seller telling their very very bad experience about fiverr scam here look at the google search thousand claim available about fiverr scam, take a look on google search


fiverr scam

Another comments taking … read it.

fiverr is not exactly what it shows. Oh yeah make as much as money you want using fiverr? and they take a $1 commission? I was a level 2 seller and fiverr decided to suspend my account and not let me withdraw my cleared revenue. What kind of BS is that?


fiverr scam picture


fiverr scam report


Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger – founder of fiverr shoud think about seller.  Fiverr running on seller money. Fiverr authority taking  20% earning from seller . But when they banning establish seller acount  should warn them about abusing And should modifiy some terms and condition about buyer.

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